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Guidance and how-to about USAID communications.

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Org Tracking System in Coalitions

The biggest challenge with coalitions is keeping track of what, if anything, those who join your effort are willing to do.  Just as you have volunteer sign-ups, you can also have coalition sign-ups—whether on paper, online, or both. This saves time and effort in barraging leaders for requests for each activity. This creates a system for commitments and understanding whether a coalition member can help and how. 

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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is helpful for citizen advocacy campaigns or governments interested in reform or changes.  This allows the advocates or change-makers to identify whether the stakeholders are allies, neutral, or opponents. Strategic thinking includes identifying decision-makers and those who influence the decision-makers and identifying potential allied groups, individuals, potential opponents, obstacles, or competing interests.

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Video on Phones

Video viewing on social media has changed our standards. We are happy to view videos that are imperfect in production but interesting in content.  A professional no longer needs to film or edit a video to be viewed, liked, and shared.

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Crisis Communications

Most crises in an organization are predictable and can have a response plan. For anti-corruption institutions, it is often the reality or appearance of unethical behavior of leaders and staff. For healthcare or emergency service agencies, it is a life-threatening situation. For regulatory agencies, it is often the failure of a bank, insurance, or financial institution that should have been monitored better.

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SEO for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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