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Social media staff are often over-run with requests from leaders to post on a daily basis, and all the response and decision-making time takes away from the actual production of social media content. A social media calendar is an integral tool to rein in the chaos by getting sign-off in advance from leadership on content that can be planned.

Breaking news and unexpected events often disrupt the calendar, but if regularly scheduled content is created well in advance, posts can easily be moved around the calendar.

A regularly scheduled meeting to present the upcoming month and brainstorm with the leadership and media team offers an opportunity to schedule content ideas around iniatives, events, reports in order to outline the visuals, content and timing.  If staff are currently doing daily planning, try to get to a week ahead, then push for to two weeks ahead, and eventually a month in advance. 

Some social media experts suggest a calendar on excel spreadsheets with the categories that include:

  • Date
  • Topic
  • Social media content type (video, photo, infographic, text)
  • Content with heading or text
  • Link to the draft version of the post

Calendars can also be organized visually with the thumbnail images with content listed on the calendar.   This allows leaders and the social media team to have a sense of the viewer experience, message and timing. 

Calendar creation means there is work in advance each month to create the content, which means more time to prepare and perfect it. This also frees up time to responding to breaking news, reply to conversations with individuals, and have content created or produced well in advance of posting.

Regardless of how you decide to organize a calendar, it eliminates the chaos.