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When organizations or individuals want training, a menu of options is often the easiest way to identify their priorities. This is my menu.

Communications Management

  • Evaluate communications structure or programs.
  • Evaluate websites from a user/visitor perspective.
  • Create a communications plan or strategy.
  • Create a message calendar and events program.
  • Create a communications team structure and job assignments.

Communications Basics

  • Develop messages and message delivery discipline.
  • Create a style or branding manual or guidance.
  • Practical writing for public audiences.
  • Internal communications.
  • Inter-governmental dialogue or communications.

Public Diplomacy

  • Public involvement /outreach.
  • Getting key leader or organizational endorsements.
  • Event design and planning.
  • Presentation or speakers’ training.
  • Brochures and material creation.
  • Donor relations.

Process Issues

  • Internal communications within the government agency.
  • Open records policy and procedures for handling information requests.
  • Create a customer service policy and process for dealing with citizens or beneficiaries.
  • Customer/citizen service policies and process steps.
  • Rapid response or crisis communications process.

Media Skills

  • Package and pitch story ideas/materials to the media.
  • Media releases, advisories, and statements.
  • Media briefings for complex topics.
  • Speech writing.
  • Spokesperson video training with interview techniques.
  • Scriptwriting for television and radio.
  • Monitoring the media and correcting mistakes.

Social Media Skills

  • Website development and content writing.
  • E-newsletters for internal or external audiences.
  • Social media campaigns, how-to, trends.
  • Search optimization, keywords, headings.
  • Website usability practices for government websites.
  • Video on phones and iMovie editing for social media.
  • Simple graphic design for social media (Canva).